sexta-feira, abril 17, 2015

Brace yourself

Haunted by the past that was, afraid of the future to come, unable to cope with the present that is. Way to go indeed man! Despite all your efforts you never seem to get it quite right. Try again, fail again, fail better, Beckett said. But is that what you have found? No, you cannot say that you have. Not yet apparently. Life took a crooked turn and the path you've found yourself in is narrow and rugged. The apparently well oiled lean mean machine you were conducting so far, has suddenly derrailed, and went off tracks. Brace yourself, brace yourself for the bumpy journey you're about to face.
This is your time. Yours and yours alone. Though you don't walk alone, the Gordian Knot was placed before you only. To disintagle it is proving to be a inhumane challenge, only because it seem you're lacking a sharp blade or, even if you found one, you'll be too fearful to yield it. A problem indeed. Only you have the key. A key whose whereabouts you seem to know not. Sad and terrible. Gotta press on and see what lays ahead. Press on, endure, adapt...survive.

Gunther Dünn

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