sábado, fevereiro 01, 2014


You have this weird concept how life, your life, should be lived and enjoyed. It's therefore awkward that you cannot put it down in words or even explain it to yourself, let alone others. You just know it's there, you have a faint image, a blurred drawing of what it's supposed to be or look like, but you can't really grasp the whole of it.
Like Plato's Cave really.
You just know that you have to wait in order to achieve it, wait for the light to shine on it and show it to you... And that's the other weird concept that you have in mind: you guess that if you wait long enough for it, it will eventually come to you. Or you to it, it doesn't really matter. You just seem to have this faint notion that it will come. "To Caesar what is Caesar’s". So you wait. Problem is, you seem to be waiting for everything, forever. You wait for the end of the day; you wait for the end of the week; for the holidays, for the paycheck, for finding the right one, for having a family, for having it all sorted out in its right and supposed order, all placed in a neat little row!
But the waiting is the hardest part, like Mr. Petty said. While you are waiting you may realize that you're missing out so much. And when you're done waiting and everything has come to pass, and all is right there on your feet, you may come to realize that despite the fact that you are in the right place you yearned to be all these years, the truth of it all is that there's nothing more to wait for, and all the yearning and desire and strive has lost all its purpose and it will be IT. You'll realize that it's the journey that matters, not the destination. And most of all, it's enjoying the ride, just for the sake of it!

Gunther Dünn

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