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Bye bye 2013!

2013, chegaste e foste! Chegaste e atiraste-nos com tudo e mais alguma coisa para a frente e para cima de nós! Foste um ano determinante, sem sombra de dúvida, mas também um ano cheio de obstáculos e decisões e chatices e aborrecimentos e preocupações! Um ano que, a tantos níveis, uns realmente desnecessários, determinará os próximos anos, senão mesmo décadas. Mas, conforme já escrevi antes, a memória humana, ou pelo menos a minha, tem destas coisas...com o tempo, só o bom ficará à tona e, nesse campo, 2013, foste realmente bom, pelo que agradeço! Esperemos que o teu irmão mais novo que está aí a rebentar seja mais calminho e seja mais fácil de domar. Para já, 2013, chegaste e atiraste com tudo e mais alguma coisa para o nosso caminho. Mal ou bem, a verdade é que conseguimos contornar ou saltar por cima de tudo isso, e cá estamos! Somos três agora!

quarta-feira, dezembro 25, 2013

Merry Xmas!!!!!

E mais um! Mais um? Este ano, obviamente, será um Natal diferente, com tudo o que de bom e mau possa trazer! Bom, pelas razões óbvias, e por finalmente começar a voltar a fazer sentido, menos bom, pelo esforço de organização extra que acarreta! Mas, estou em crer que o lado bom suplanta e suplantará sempre daqui para a frente! Mais um Natal, mas um Natal diferente e um culminar de um ano super agitado! Valha-nos a música! Um Bom Natal a todos, o melhor possível!

terça-feira, dezembro 24, 2013

Merry Axemas!

Silent Night/Holy Night Jam - Joe Satriani

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segunda-feira, dezembro 09, 2013

Jup's Return

Twas that time of the year again. The unmistakeable scent of blooming mistletoe fluttered in the air, as well as the smell of Santa's Little Shop Toy Factory' chimneys starting to heat up. Jup knew or rather, felt it, even before he woke up. He eventually opened his eyes, slowly and realized the obvious: it WAS that time of year again. "Better wake up and smell the coffee!" he said to himself. He got up and reflected on what had come to pass in these last few years. 
Five years ago he felt quite jaded with all the events that surrounded this time of the year, despite all of his years of experience. Back then he had felt quite weary and tired, and not so happy with all of his Christmas chores in the factory. With all his obligations, shedules and responsibilities that burdened him during this period of the year, it came as no surprise then that he felt the way he felt then. But he eventually came through and managed to solve his problems or, better said, issues. He had a long talk with Santa and that helped. Just to take it out of his chest, put it out in the open. It helped. Santa realized he needed a happy, effective and functioning Jup, to solve all the details he couldn't deal with. Mainly because he took a month off before all the Christmas madness. Preparations now started earlier, in order to give everyone time to do all the work in time and peace, and that simple measure did wonders for Jup's state of mind. He could now organize things without that overwhelming feeling of helplesness that possessed him before. And all went well ever since.And this would be a very good way to finish Jup's story if not for the simple fact that it didn't really end there.
This year Santa decided to provide more help. The system was computerized for the first time, and Santa also promoted Jakk, another fellow gnome as Jup special helper for that time of year. But truth be told, Jup thought that Santa may over did it...things were fine and back in order, and probably these two new "solutions" didn't help as much as Santa may have thought. "Too much novelties to cope with!" thought Jup, but he had to make do with what he had.
Jakk was a good worker and willingly and happily wanted to help. But, inadvertedly, Santa burdened Jup with another set of decisions he had to make. Altough he was a good team worker he mainly did everything alone, not because he didn't trust the others, but because he felt things ran smoothly if he did everything. Sharing the burden of task management and organization looked fine on paper, but Jup thought otherwise. He didn't know how to deal with his "co-manager" in an effective way, and that was weighing on him, and making him slow, exactly the opposite of what was needed.
And let's not talk about the time he had to lose trying to learn and understand the computer stuff. "No presents for you Mr. Gates!!"
He prepared himself a hot cup of coffee and drank it slowly. "Nah...i'm ok with Christmas, i'm not tired of it anymore, but like this...it's not the same anymore...too much organization effort needed, and an effort not directed to the real purpose of what Christams should be about...it's not the same. It's different, and i'm yet to know if the difference will turn out to be for the better".
That was the real issue right there. Change. Maybe the fear of change on how things would be done form now on was scaring him a little. Not so much "scaring" in the real sense of the word, but somehing like a tired feeling of having to re-organize everything again, and lacking the energy to do it, and deal with all the new stuff that went by with it...
"Guess that's the way it's gonna be, so i'd better make the best of it, or, at least, make do with what i've got now." He finished his coffee, got dressed, picked up his tiny green spiky hat, and grab the door handle. "It'll all go down well. It simply has to!"
With a half sigh half deep breath, he opened the door and stepped outside, seeing almost immediately Jakk on the curb waiting for him, looking a bit uneasy.
"Let's rock and roll then, my friend, if i managed to get here, i'll manage to get further. I'll manage. We'll manage", he thought, with a faint smile, while closing the door behind him.

Gunther Dünn

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